What is Açai Travel?

Headquartered in New York and Barcelona, the company is founded by a group of founders that scaled and sold tech startups together with the Head of Engineering and Head of AI from American Express GBT and from ManoMano, as well as tier 1 investors.

Açai Travel is set to become the lead startup for AI-assisted travel operations solutions, creating a revolution in call center efficiency, flexibility, and speed. Through our suite of Large Language Model (LLM) tools, we transform how travel agencies and hotels manage their operations. Our products enhance the agent's ability to address customer needs, leading to a significant reduction in handling time and cost savings.

About our Company culture:

At Açai Travel, our culture is grounded in cognitive behavioral theories and the principles of Zen and Tibetan Buddhism. We value an ego-less approach to problem-solving, believe in nurturing emotional and mental stillness, and maintain a sense of 'OK-ness' in all situations. We view problems as hidden opportunities, eager to face challenges to expedite our growth and development.

The Team

  • Riccardo Victoria

    CEO & Founder

  • Pavel Pratyush

    Head of Engineering

  • Henry Chen Weinstein

    Executive Chairman & Co-founder

  • Javier Lopez-Nieto

    Software Engineer

  • Roxana Barbu

    Chief of Staff